The University for a Better Future

Industry-University Cooperation Agency

To solve bottleneck techniques in the production sites of businesses and contribute to national competitive reinforcement and community vitalization with an organic cooperation system between industries, universities, research institutes and the government, it supports research personnel and various equipment, holds seminars to share advanced technical information, and offers management/ consulting and administrative services.

Business Incubation Center

It provides space and information to entrepreneurs who are short on finance with brilliant ideas and outstanding technology, until they have self-standing businesses, and provides administrative and financial support to promote business start-ups, increase the success rate, and contribute to increased employment and local economy vitalization.

Business Training Support Center

It plans and operates business training support programs, operates business support activities such as clubs and contests, and aims to train competent entrepreneurs with effective support in start-up training, infrastructure and start-up preparation.

Drone Training Center

Its goal is for all drone pilot trainees to accurately understand unmanned multicopters and gain knowledge in aviation operation upon the completion of the curriculum offered at the Drone Training Center so that they can obtain the national drone operator license and perform duties safely and effectively.

Engineering Technology Education Innovation Center

Engineering Technology Education Innovation Center establishes midto long-term specialization strategies to cultivate creative convergence human resources for future industry, and builds an engineering technology education system that corresponds to industry demand.