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Dental Hygiene


Dept. ofDental Hygiene

Dental Health Professionals with the Skills for Dental Diesease Prevention and Dental Hygienics

As Korea’s best specialized dental hygiene department, it fosters dental hygienists with a scientific and holistic character who follow legal and ethical principles and perform skilled dental health activities. Dental hygienists have extended knowledge and practical abilities in dental health for dental health improvement, dental disease prevention and dental health recovery. It is receiving a favorable evaluation in the world of dentistry with a differentiated educational program and intensified clinical practice that takes place in general hospitals, semi-general hospitals, health clinics, etc. With an amazing acceptance rate of 100% for the national examination for 7 consecutive years, the department has also become No. 1 in the country as well. The full-time employment rate, which is one of the highest in the nation, is the greatest strength of the department.

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