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Taekwondo Guard




Established in 1997 as the Taekwondo Major in the Dept. of Recreational Sports to cultivate global Taekwondo instructors, it has developed into the Dept. of Taekwondo Guard, where graduates are being employed as Taekwondo instructors or security guards around the world. Many international students and trainees from Japan, Hungary, the USA, Hong Kong, France and China have been admitted and graduated. The current department is divided into Taekwondo sparring teams, Taekwondo Poomsae teams, and the International Taekwondo Master Research Group. The department offers systematic and professional training after school, which has resulted in victories in various national competitions including four gold medals and three silver medals in the Deaflympics, two gold medals, one silver and one bronze in the Asian University Taekwondo Championship, one gold medal in the Korea Open International Taekwondo Championships, aand a gold medal in Taekwondo Hanmadang and the Korean National Sports Festival. Taekwondo demonstrations have been held in the USA, Russia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, China, etc. During breaks, many students are dispatched to international Taekwondo master internships (WCC education competency project, international Taekwondo master internships/international cooperation agency/ Peace Corps/Kukkiwon Taekwondo internships/International Taekwondo master invitations, etc.). It proudly claims a 100% transfer rate to the third year of prestigious universities every year (Korea Univ., Hanyang Univ., Kyunghee Univ., Yongin Univ., Korea National Sport Univ., Dankook Univ., Konkuk Univ., Dongguk Univ., UC Davis, Soongsil Univ., Busan Univ. of Foreign Studies, Incheon National Univ., Sahmyook Univ., Gachon Univ., KAAY, Chosun Univ., Keimyung Univ., Dong-A Univ., etc.), with almost 30 students per year.

Taekwondo master, Taekwondo coach, Taekwondo studio operation, international Taekwondo master, international Taekwondo coach, international Taekwondo studio operation, police officer (maritime police, general police, foreign affairs, SWAT, etc.), military official (NCO, special forces, KAAY), security service (presidential security service, private guard, ADT Caps, Human TSS, airport security officer, court and prosecutor’s office security guard, CEMC security guard, etc.), fire officer, prison officer, etc., transfer to prestigious 4-year university