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Tax and Management

Dept of TAX AND

Dept. ofTax and Management

Cultivating Tax Officers Training
Tax and Accounting Experts who understand Corporate Management

It aims to cultivate tax accountants with future-oriented thinking and abilities who understand corporate management, and who can actively respond to changes in the era of knowledge and information. It produces tax officials and tax accountants who will direct corporate management and tax accounting with the ability to lead the 21st century and refinement with real field training. The focus of this department is first to produce many tax officials, second, develop tax accountants who operate corporate management, and third, help them acquire four or five licenses related to the major. It also offers a night associate’s course (industrial consignment education) for businessmen.

National Tax Service (tax office), city hall (tax collection department), financial institution (including agricultural/ livestock/fisheries cooperatives), accounting firm, tax services company, CPA office, and marketing manager such as bookkeeper/accountant/sales/administration at large corporations (including SMEs)