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Bakery and Pastry


Dept. ofBakery and Pastry

Social Customization Department Acknowledged by the Ministry of Education

The diversification of food culture caused by an increased standard of living has led to increased interest in bakeries and pastry, and it is requiring competitive bakers with expert knowledge and practical skills. Therefore, the Dept. of Bakery and Pastry at Shinsung University aims to train creative and artistic bakers and patissiers by offering the professional knowledge and techniques that large corporations and hotels require. Also, it produces competitive bakers and patissiers with field-oriented education based on the National Competency Standards (NCS) curriculum and social customization projects. In order for there to be phased progress from basic to advanced baking techniques, it offers special lectures regardless of the time of the semester, and guides even inexperienced students in baking to focus on learning and become proud bakers upon graduation.

Corporations: Shinsegae Food, CJ Foodville, SPC Group, etc. Hotel Lotte Hotel, Shilla Hotel, Incheon Hyatt Hotel, JW Marriott Hotel, etc. Popular bakeries