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World-class vocational training school

Shinsung University is a leading university with the conditions to embrace demands and technical changes of businesses in Korea and abroad, and the capabilities for continuous growth and global vocational training. We have been continuously selected for major state-funded projects such as LINC+, Autonomous Improvement Grade in University Competency Evaluation, and two areas of Innovative Support Projects (voluntary agreement type, postschool leading type), and are presenting a “new standard in future universities.” We present a high full-time employment rate at outstanding/top-ranking companies with the operation of a 4-year bachelor’s degree course (eight departments including nursing and public health administration), overseas training and employment, field training, etc.
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Organic Industry-University-Government Cooperation Network

  • Employment-focused human resource training curriculum with industry-universitygovernment agreement (Hyundai Steel, Kongju University, Dangjin-city, etc.)
  • Vocational training empowerment with the Ministry of Education’s innovative support project/ LINC+ project
  • Human resource development programs customized for small and medium businesses
  • Acting as a hub of industry-university cooperation in the central region
  • Industry-university-government joint technical development consortium project and SME technology consultation projects
  • Industry-university-government exchange meetings and workshop regularization
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University with the highest customer and business satisfaction

  • Among the highest ranked nationwide in a national customer satisfaction survey by the Korea Productivity Center
  • Among the highest nationwide for university satisfaction among businesses
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Specialized educational programs

  • Special lectures on computer certification and utilization
  • Foreign language program (English, Japanese, Chinese)
  • Major certificate and job performance improvement program
  • Global field trip program
  • Donation for Education career experience program
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Prestigious Department Certification System

The Prestigious Department Certification System was implemented as the first in the nation to reinforce the department’s competitiveness and establish the school’s brand image by fostering departments with the best educational system and competency in the nation. A separate evaluation committee is formed to evaluate quantitative items such as employment rate, enrollment rate, and faculty research performance, and qualitative items such as educational program operation and student guidance counseling, and the departments that more than satisfy certain criteria are certified as prestigious departments, with a 3-year follow-up.
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Global Personality Education

We have developed a systematic personality education system to cultivate leaders with character, and are operating personality education programs to foster creative practice-oriented human resource. We also implement personality education with international volunteering activities.
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University with the highest customer and business satisfaction

We operate a student counseling system for advisers’ active counseling activities and professional counseling staff to solve students’ difficulties and form a bond between students and faculties.