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Early Childhood Education


Dept. ofEarly Childhood EducationEARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION

Cradle of Happy Teachers with Professionalism and Character

The Dept. of Early Childhood Education cultivates teachers at early childhood educational institutions. With the goal to foster creative experts in early childhood education, it produces early childhood teachers with expert knowledge and class. In particular, it guides students to improve practical skills related to their aptitude, and develops skilled teachers with practical abilities with close exchange with kindergar ten and early childhood educational institutions. Also, to reinforce teachers’ professionalism and qualifications, it began operating a 4-year bachelor’s course and intensive major course since 2009 to train higher-level personnel with in-depth education.

National/public/private kindergarten teacher, national/public/ private daycare teacher, children’s counselor and researcher, founding and operating a kindergarten, daycare center, or academy