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Dept. ofOptometry

Producting Eye Health Experts and Opticians who make a Brighter World by Protecting Eye and Correcting Vision!

In today’s rapidly changing society, optician is a very promising occupation to help modern people who pursue beauty, uniqueness and eye health. In the Dept. of Optometry, students become experts with scientific and systematic knowledge, professional abilities and professional ethics. They will lead the 21st century in the eyeglass and optometry field with training in eyeglasses, eyeglass lenses, refraction, optical devices, contact lenses, etc. for 3 years. Also, they can play a leading role in the eyeglass area after graduation with a field-oriented human resource development program, and anyone with the passion to open an optical shop can follow their dreams with specialized start-up education.

Employment and start-up of optical shop, optician at medical institution (university hospital, private practice), global eyeglass frame/lens manufacturer and distributor, optical device manufacturer and distributor, contact lens manufacturer and distributor, contact lens/visual function clinic