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Dept. of Cartoon·Animation


Visual design is applied to various areas for the delivery of visual information, analysis of different communication problems in a product and service distribution processes, and their coping methods. The Dept. of Visual Design trains designers with sound artistic ability and a unique and creative formative sense to meet the demands of the time and society, and aims to promote talented designers with customized education and various industry-university- connected programs. Also,we enhance individual and departmental competencies with poster design, advertisement design, CI design, package design, web design and computer graphic design, and raises competent designers with differentiated design competition training, systematic and thorough practice-based basic training classes, supplementary lessons, advanced lessons, and field training.

PR department, advertising agency, character development company, web developer, design company, graphics company, color coordinator, publisher, broadcasting station, printing company, kindergarten art teacher, freelancer, transfer to a four-year university, etc.