The University for a Better Future

Auxiliary Research Institute

Environment Research Institute

The Environment Research Institute, officially certified as a soil pollution research institute in September 2009 by the Ministry of Environment, performs various consigned investigations and analyses such as soil pollution investigation, soil treatment verification and detailed soil investigation using outstanding environment experts and advanced analysis equipment based on accumulated expert technology and experience. Its departments are divided into Analysis Team, Field Investigation Team and Sales Team.

Curriculum Development Institute

It aims to research and develop a curriculum that corresponds to the university’s mission, ideology of education and goals. It supports curriculum development and reorganization to enable continuous competitiveness, despite the infinite competition of educational conditions and worsening employment conditions, by reflecting the changing industrial demands.

Teaching-Learning Development Center

The Teaching-Learning Development Center supports faculties and students to teach and learn well. It studies and develops teaching methods and distributes them to the faculties, and provides the techniques and strategic information needed in lectures to improve teaching skills. It discovers and distributes various learning information and programs to students so they can improve their learning ability.

Student Counseling Center

It aims to help students overcome various psychological difficulties and demonstrate their potential to the maximum through self-growth. It performs various standardized psychological tests and offers individual and group counseling on various topics (depression, personal relationships, stress, mental health, academics, career, sexual violence, date crime, life habits, drinking habits, addiction, etc.) to help them adjust to university life and live a healthier life.