The University for a Better Future

Auxiliary Facilities


The library collects, organizes and stores a variety of books, electronic data and nonbook materials that are needed in research activities and academic activities to provide extensive academic materials to faculties and students.
In particular, it provides the latest carefully selected academic materials to students and faculties for the curriculum, focuses on cutting-edge academic information system operation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and provides professional and convenient academic services to satisfy various demands and boost the university’s status.


By creating an opportunity and environment for the occupants to learn, study, develop skills and build their character, it aims to achieve the purpose of this university’s founding philosophy, as well as cultivate a spirit of mutual friendship and help with community life.

Information Support Center

The center plays a leading role in university informatization, and mainly handles the computerization of administrative work, PCs, servers, networks, and information security management. It supports computing work and PC lab services on the campus, and also supports online administrative work with a high-speed network. In particular, it provides the optimum computing environment to faculties and students with informatization policy and system operation.

Health Center

It mainly handles first aid for various health issues that may occur during school life, health counseling, healthcare education, disease prevention projects and school environmental hygiene for the health of faculty and students. It maintains and manages general medical supplies and emergency medicines, so faculties and students can enjoy a healthier school life.

Employment Support Center

This is a designated employment organization that is in charge of various businesses for the employment of enrolled and graduate students, and offers quality employment information and various programs including employment empowerment programs, on-the-job lectures, mentoring, employment lectures, various certificate lectures and career development support (global field training, job experience) for successful employment activities.

Field Training Support Center

To provide opportunities to experience industrial settings in advance and apply this to actual jobs and to develop the tailored human resources that businesses require, it tries to improve field adaptability by reflecting the demands of students and businesses, and offers various programs such as business discovery and student-business matching.


Shinsung University Museum, which opened in December 2014, is the first general museum in the Naepo area and owns and exhibits more than 1,460 pieces of Goryeo celadon, Joseon porcelain, folk paintings and folk art. It is used as the grounds of culture and refinement cultivation, as well as folk culture education, for the university’s students, faculties and even visitors.


Shinsung University Kindergarten focuses on developing future-oriented, creative children by cultivating an upright character and developing their potential abilities to the maximum in the best educational environment. As a university affiliate, it aims to contribute to the development of early childhood education in Korea by participating in the teacher training, parent training, volunteering for the community, and continuously studying about the proper curriculum for development and holistic early childhood development.