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Cosmetic Science


Dept. ofCosmetic Science

Creating a Future Life with Harmony between Nature and Advanced New Materials, Scents and Colors

The cosmetics industry is a future-oriented industry that is rising as a high-value added industry in the 21st century, and along with the improved quality of life that follows economic development, cosmetic products are becoming essential cultural products that respond to the consumer’s aesthetic desires and provides abundance in life. The Dept. of Cosmetic Science develops functional cosmetic products using new natural materials that are suitable for the human constitution, studies the emotional aspect of humans and develops various products such as skincare, functional products, color cosmetics, hair care products, and perfume, which give dreams and hope about beauty.

Popular international cosmetic brands such as Amore Pacific, LG Household & Health Care Ltd., Missha, Kolmar Korea, Cosmax, Cosmecca Korea, Lancolm, SK II, etc., Coreana Cosmetics, CJ Group, The Face, HanKook Cosmetic, Nesura, AK Beauty, LG Oil, Hanhwa Total, Oil Bank, Samsung Electronics LCD area, Hyundai Steel analysis office, Cheil Jedang, Sajo Haepyo, household supply manufacturer, pharmaceutical companies such as Celltrion, cosmetic ingredient company