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Dept. ofNursing

Training Nursing Professionals with Scientific and Expert Nursing Knowledge and Practical Skills

As the medical industry rapidly changes and the employment environment diversifies, competitive nurses with expert knowledge and techniques, as well as various practical skills, are demanded. The Dept. of Nursing has been operating as a 4-year course since 2012, and was accredited by the Korean Accreditation Board of Nursing Education for nursing education. It aims to foster professional practical human resources with advanced supplies and a high-tech educational environment and clinical training course at university hospitals, general hospitals, local base hospitals, local healthcare facilities and clinics, and trains the professional nurses that the 21st century requires.

Clinical (general hospital, specialists, nursing home, etc.), local healthcare facilities (health centers, etc.), midwife (maternity clinic, mother-child health center, post-partum care center, etc.), nurse specialist (home professional nurse, geriatric nurse, pediatric nurse, etc.), occupational health nurse (dispensary at business), health teacher (school nurse’s office), government official (grade 9, grade 8 nursing service official), health insurance review nurse (clinical and Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service), foreign medical institutions, etc.