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Occupational Therapy


Dept. ofOccupational Therapy

Leader of Rehabilitation Medicine
We will take care of everything from the national license to hospital employment.

Occupational therapy treats patients with physical, mental and intellectual disabilities to recover normal function with selected occupations. In the case of children, it discovers cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities, ADHD and autismearly and helps them with normal development, and in the case of adults, it teaches patients who are not capable of performing daily activities due to disorders such as brain damage, central nervous system damage, spinal injury, dementia, schizophrenia or depression to act independently. Therefore, Occupational Therapy is an area of expertise in medical rehabilitation. The Dept. of Occupational therapy educates and cultivates occupational therapists, a promising occupation of the future. Occupational therapists are state certified healthcare specialists who help people with physical damage, cognitive disorders, swallowing dysfunction, psychosocial dysfunction, or developmental disorders that are congenital, accident, disease or aging-related to return to their lives.

Medical institutions (university hospital, general hospital, rehabilitation hospital, mental hospital, nursing home, pediatric neuropsychiatry, etc.), rehabilitation for the disabled (welfare center for the disabled, rehabilitation center), etc.