The University for a Better Future

Auxiliary Educational Facilities

Continuing Education Center

It aims to contribute to the development of society by realizing the idea of humanitarianism and providing opportunities to all people to improve their quality. Courses offered: National drone operator license, care worker, language course, refinement course, certificate course, academic credit bank system.

International Exchange Center

It establishes sisterhood relationship agreements with outstanding universities and organizations abroad, operates double and joint degree systems through this, and operates a global curriculum with major training and Korean training. Also, it operates a foreign language academy and overseas training to globalize student’s and university staff’s vocational training curriculum, and contributes to the internationalization of this university.

NCS Support Center

The center supports the development, operation, and evaluation of curriculums based on National Competency Standards (NCS) to foster human resources with competency that regional and national industrial settings demand (knowledge/technology/attitude, etc.).

Convergence Education Center

It implements convergence education, which converges the technology of various major areas and develops new technologies, and has established an advanced multi-PC lab and 3D printer flexible lab for students and local businesses to share a 3D printer, 3D CAD and 3D scanner and various programs, allowing them to establish convergence foundation technology for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Golf Academy

To train outstanding golfers who will advance to the world, it adopts the lesson systems and training programs of advanced countries and operates a curriculum with a manual, and focuses on character training to produce athletes with an advanced systematic training system.
Courses offered: Beginner, Re-registering, Teaching pro and pro classes