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Physical Therapy


Dept. ofPhysical TherapyPHYSICAL THERAPY

Bring Vibrant and Healthy Life

As expectation for quality of life is raised and functional disorders due to geriatric diseases, industrial accidents and sports injury increase, the expectation and demand for physical therapy are increasing more than ever. The Dept. of Physical Therapy studies bare hand treatment based on the mechanics of the human body and thermal, electrical, radiation and hydrotherapy based on physical medicine, and trains physical therapists who improve patients’ damaged function, promote function recovery and provide a healthy life. It teaches students with close training by outstanding faculty members and rich clinical/educational experiences, and provides various programs, global education, and an advanced educational environment. It aims to cultivate customized human resources for the 21st century with various learning support programs for self-directed learning, and the development of interpersonal competency with close bonds between seniors-juniors and teachers-students, which result in high acceptance ratios of state examination and a high employment rate.

Medical institutions (university hospital, general hospital, oriental medicine hospital, rehabilitation hospital, nursing home, and private practice), rehabilitation center, rehabilitation center for the disabled, sports facilities (pro sports club), healthcare/medical technician officer, therapeutic teacher at special education school