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Drone and Industrial Safety

                                   INDUSTRIAL SAFETY

Dept. ofDrone and Industrial Safety

Training Global Drone Pilots who will be Reponsible for Industrial Safety

In the Fourth Industrial Revolution Era, various industrial and safety areas require professional manpower who operate unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), and smart drones that will replace humans for dangerous operations and lead safety innovation in the industrial settings to be activated. The Dept. of Drone and Industrial Safety aims to train industrial safety personnel who can operate drones for industrial safety inspection after obtaining a state certified drone operator license, and trains professional manpower with the curriculum that the field requires, such as drone operation, maintenance, diagnostic measurement data analysis techniques and industrial accident prevention.

Government official and public institution drone operator (Korea Industrial Safety Association, Korea Expressway Corporation, Korea Transportation Safety Authority, etc.), industrial safety manager and drone inspector (energy/power generation company, construction, oil refinery/chemical manufacturer, electric/electronic manufacturer, corporation safety management such as distribution/ logistics), drone manufacturer and drone operator training institution, etc.