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Dept. ofAerial Geoinformatics

Unmanned Aviation
The Key Industry of Fourth Industrial Revolution
Cradle of Smart Technology Experts in the Ministry of Land,
Infrastructure and Transport's
New Growth Industry "Next-Generation Golden Egg"
Postering 3D Geoinformatics Experts

The Dept. of Aerial Geoinformatics cultivates experts who can safely manage facilities by utilizing drone and satellite exploration techniques, and 3D modeling technology in constructing 3D geographic information of the territory and ocean for the efficient development and management of the country and safe maintenance of urban infrastructure.

INational and local government official (Technician: facility, city, land register, survey, etc., Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, National Police Agency, Korea Forest Service, National Fire Agency, etc.)
Career soldier (petty officer) and civilian military employee (government official at the Ministry of National Defense): Army, air force, navy, etc.
State enterprise (Korea Land and Geospatial Informatix Corporation, National Geographic Information Institute, LH, Korea Railroad Corporation, Korea Infrastructure Safety and Technology Corporation, broadcasting stations, Korea Expressway Corporation, Road Traffic Safety Authority and other government-affiliated organizations)
Geographic information business (aerial photogrammetry, GIS construction, information processing and system development, movie (CF) filming, contents development, etc.)
Construction and design (general construction, survey and design, safety diagnosis, etc.)