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Social Welfare


Dept. ofSocial Welfare

Cradle of Social Worker and Government Official Training

The Dept. of Social Welfare aims to foster competent social workers and national and local government officials that will lead the modern welfare state, and offers a fieldoriented specialized curriculum. Students can obtain a grade 2 social worker license upon graduation without a separate examination, and even obtain a grade 1 care worker license, psychology counseling license, or survey analysis license based on the student’s interest and effort, so they advance into various areas. It consists of 40 students in the day course, 20 students in the industrial consignment education course (night), and 20 students in the intensive major course (third, fourth years) (night), and is a Prestigious Department (No. 8) that allows free employment and transfer.

Social worker in social welfare facilities, social welfare government official, national and local government official, volunteer organization and civic group assistant administrator, social worker at schools and hospitals, child welfare teacher at local children’s center, care worker at nursing homes, and employees in state enterprises and financial institutions