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Clinical Laboratory Science

                                   LABORATORY SCIENCE

Dept. ofClinical Laboratory Science

Training Professional Medical Laboratory Technologists in Biomedical Science

The Dept. of Clinical Laboratory Science cultivates medical laboratory technologists in laboratory medicine who use scientific and professional technology to explain the cause of disease and suggest the direction of treatment, and offers quality education with a more professional and systematic education system. In order to become a medical laboratory technologist, students need to graduate from the Dept. of Clinical Laboratory Science, pass the national examination and obtain a license granted by the Minister of Health and Welfare. Thanks to passionate faculities and the school’s aggressive support for experiment practice, the department has achieved a 100% acceptance rate for the national examination for 4 consecutive years from 2015 to 2018. Medical laboratory technologist is a promising job with high scarcity value in the era of biotechnology. We train professionals with character and refinement, and is becoming a specialized educational institution that produces the medical laboratory technologists and international medical technologists the world requires.

University hospital, national/public hospital, medical institutions, university and bioengineering research institutes, airport and port quarantine station, reagent and pharmaceutical company (research lab, QC, sales, etc.), state enterprise (National Health Insurance Corporation, etc.), life insurance company, etc