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Electrical Engineering


Dept. ofElectrical Engineering

Electricity is the Bright Future

Electricity is like the main artery of national industry, and anywhere that uses electricity needs our hand. Therefore, the Dept. of Electrical Engineering will lead our future. The department is equipped with the curriculum and experiment/ practice facilities needed for electrical engineering and focuses on obtaining the relevant national licenses. It provides training in technology related to the design, production, operation and maintenance of various equipment and plants that use electricity, particularly CAD and PLC, which are drawing attention as design and automation technologies. Also, it can offer employment in a technical position or equipment manager position at a relevant business after graduation with a customized education agreement with relevant businesses.

Corporations: Hyundai Steel, Samsung Group, LG Group, etc., power plants, electrical design and construction business, steel and automobile business, electrical automation business and research lab, technology officer and SMEs, etc.