Facilities Attached

Facilities Attached


Library, a source of intellectual and research power of Shinsung University, collects, sorts out and databases books, academic references and materials from home and abroad across various fields and provides full support for research activities led by our students and faculty .

Insung Dormitory

Insung Dormitory provides a comfortable environment where students grow good character and horn their academic and technical skills. It is designed to help to achieve educational aims stated in Shinsung’s founding charter and to encourage students to learn how to live and work in harmony with their colleagues as they live in a dormitory together.

Information Supporting Center

IT Center provides various IT-related services to ensure efficient research, education and training activities of faculty, students and administrative staff. It builds a super high-speed IT network to provide various information services as well as running a computer lab with 500 seats for computer-based training for students and the local community. It also operates an online broadcast station and an education channel to provide students with useful and fun contents, thereby, creating a sound and colorful college culture together.

Human Resources Development Center

Human Resources Development Center provides support for career search service for both students and graduates. This campus-based recruiting organization is designed to support creative, passionate and ambitious talents and provides quality information to help them successfully search jobs. It also supports various programs to strengthen individual job seekers’ capabilities and career perspectives, including job search strategy coaching, specific vocational training, aptitude tests, certificate lectures, job search-related lectures and global and domestic internship opportunities.

Facilities Attached


Shinsung University Museum, established in 2013, owns a collection of more than 4 million ancient documents, books and folk relics, and has played a pivotal role in promoting Danjin’s local culture with both regular and special exhibitions. It has also provided various cultural education programs not only for students and faculty but also for the local community.

Health Services Center

Health Service Center provides medical services to promote health of faculty and students, including emergency administration, health management programs, consulting, sanitation education, disease prevention and school sanitation enhancement programs. It maintains emergency kits, medical equipment and medications to ensure that faculty and student live a healthy life on campus.

Shinsung University Kindergarten

Shinsung University Kindergarten aims to educate pre-school children to grow future talents who will lead society in the future, and to lay the foundation for children’s character maturation and religious belief. In the 21st century, we have experienced major social changes caused by globalization, advance in information technology and transition to knowledge-based society. As a result, importance of creative and logical thinking and the ability to cooperate is growing as well. As part of a secondary educational institute, Shinsung Kindergarten aspires to contribute to development of Korea’s pre-school children’s education by presenting early children education role models with continuous research on early childhood development and education curriculum, offering teacher and parents training programs and volunteering for the local community.