Research Center Affiliated

Research Centers Attiliated

Educational Development Institute

In the face of fierce global competition, the education environment has been deteriorated and the job market has become tough. Against this backdrop, the Educational Development Institute has continued to provide support for research and development of education curriculums that serve the founding values and educational principles as well as the purposes of Shinsung University.

Environmental Research Institute

The Environmental Research Institute, equipped with state-of-art testing equipment and seasoned researchers, has been working with the Ministry of Environment to perform tests and inspections on soil contamination (South Chungcheong Province Soil – Inspection – No.1), and designated as a soil environment assessment institution (Kumkang Soil Environment Assessment No.1) based on the knowhow and technologies that it has accumulated through years of test and analysis activities.

Center for Teaching and Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning has been developing and distributing teaching techniques and methods. It has provided technological information and lecturing strategies to help faculty members enhance their teaching capabilities, and distributed various academic information and learning programs to help students have effective learning experiences including self-initiated study while enhancing their learning abilities.

Innovation Center for Engineering Education

The Innovation Center for Engineering Education draws up mid and long-term strategies to develop talents based on analysis of industries’ future needs and secondary institutions’ support capabilities. It aims to build effective technology training and education system that meets the needs of business.

Support Center for Field-work

The Support Center for Field-work helps to provide on-the-job-training opportunities with which students not just learn theoretical knowledge but also become equipped with field experiences in advance. By assessing requirements from industries, it has endeavored to operate tailed talent development programs to enhance students’ ability to adapt to the field as it continues to proactively accommodate needs of students and businesses.