Auxiliary Facilities

Auxiliary Facilities

Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation

The Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation has built an organic cooperation network among industries, colleges, research centers and the government to address technological challenges in the field. It has provided research personnel and equipment and seminars covering latest technology development, business management consulting, administrative support with an aim to contribute to enhancing global competitiveness of businesses and boosting local economy.

Continuing Education Center

The Lifelong Education Center is designed to realize the humanitarian spirit of Hongikingan, which is the nation’s fundamental educational purpose, and to provide educational opportunities for every individual to improve the quality of life and contribute to growth of society and the nation.. Offered Courses: geriatric care helper training, language and leadership training, certificate program, special training and a credit bank.

Golf Academy

Golf Academy has introduced advanced lesson and training programs consisting of systematic manuals and curriculums to grow leading professional golfers for home and global tournaments. In particular, its systematic training programs aim to develop talented golfers with focus on discipline and character training. Offered course: beginner’s, intermediate’s, teaching pro and professional’s.

Center for International Exchange

The Center for International Exchange provides talent exchange programs with sisterhood relationship universities and colleges across the world; takes care of international students studying at Shinsung; and provides overseas language training programs for Korean students.